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How To Make A Home Exterior Look Modern

Home exterior majorly influences the appearance and dictates the style and individuality of the living beings. Therefore, decor themes for outdoors are getting their own crown in the designing field. For a convenient lifestyle, optimized comfort, and enriching the property’s worth, going modern with the renovations is a game-changing hack.

To make your home look modern and stand out from the crowd, there are various engaging ideas. As a remodeling enthusiast, you might be looking for interesting and trendsetting ideas for outside upgrades.In this article by Fixit Carpentrywe’ve curated a list of truly inspiring and fully functional ideas for presentable exteriors.

Creative Tips To Make Your Residential Outdoors Impactful

Improvement for exterior design in Dubai homes is equally crucial and impactful as interior design. When it comes to outdoor renovations, you’ve to be heedful regarding functional and styling requirements equally to keep a balance between aesthetics and convenience. Let’s delve into some favorable remodeling ideas to inspire your next project.

1. Use A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Use A Fresh Coat Of PaintA fresh paint coat can add aesthetic vibes to your place. To enhance your outside surroundings, pick a little lighter and brighter tones. Also, to achieve the desired outcomes, prefer matching paint color with the architectural style. Painting walls, windows, fences, furnishings, and doors are a timeless way to update your surroundings without investing much. Use oil and acrylic-based paints that can sustain heavy use, offer a smooth finish, and are water-resistant.

2. Add Fencing To Property

Add Fencing To PropertyOutdoor structures make a meaningful impression on the exterior of any residence. Adding fencing dramatically improves the overall style and adds dimensions to your place. Whether it’s fencing in the backyard or garden and porch at the entrance and front yard of your house, it provides a stylish gridline. Plus, fencing provides security against theft and a safe place for kids and pets wandering.

3. Add Shutters & Awnings

Add Shutters & AwningsThe addition of awnings and shutters in your outdoors will be completely purposeful in terms of design improvement and functionality optimization. You can replace your generic-style shutters with trendy louvered, vinyl, plantation, tier-on-tier, full height, Bahama, board and batten, and arched options, offering complete privacy, light control, and security. Also, you can pick retractable, portable, and free-standing awnings with different design formats to match your style. These awnings also offer protection against sun, rain, snow, sleet and hail. Moreover, it extends the sealant life around the window, saving money from unnecessary repairs.

4. Adjust Your Landscaping

Adjust Your LandscapingNever overlook the significance of landscaping when it’s about renovating your outdoors. Landscaping is the final and functional touch that involves adding certain elements like herbs, shrubs, and soft or hardscapes. Also, you can opt for artificial grass for the balcony, backyard, garden, lawn, and front yard which is a sustainable and easily maintainable option.

5. Enlarge Your Windows

Enlarge Your WindowsWindow in the outdoors is undoubtedly the eyes of the home that makes a noticeable impression. Small-sized windows at the home’s front can detract from its style, keeping your interior dark. Consider adding a bay or picture window to enlarge the space’s impression, ambiance, and value. Also, you can simply change the shape and size of your windows to add more dimension and visual height to your surroundings. Prefer glass panel windows that look luxurious and at the same time offer convenient use.

6. Add Exterior Lighting

Add Exterior LightingUpdating dated light fixtures with modern and unique ones can bring a dramatic vibe to your place. Lighting the outdoors is the ultimate source to balance style and security. That’s because lighting brightens up the surroundings and as well as makes things visible at night, making it easier to navigate the visitors approaching to find a way. Also, you can integrate smart light that comes with motion sensors that brighten up the space instantly with a single movement. Also, it offers security to protect against burglary cases in your residence.

7. Update Your Driveways

Update Your DrivewaysTo enhance your space’s value and appearance, another interesting way is to update the driveways, entryways, and walkways. For undefined entry areas, one of the best trends is a welcoming pathway. To create a unique and luxurious impression, one of the best options is to install concrete pavers, square tiles, and grass tiles. Also, add built-in seating and conversation areas to make your spaces more interesting and purposeful.

8. Select New Front & Garage Doors

 Select New Front & Garage DoorsThe front home door is a great place to initiate exterior transformations. To make a unique statement, you can opt for the most sustainable and rustic-style hardwood doors for an exquisite entrance. To highlight the beautiful front and sustain against external environmental conditions, choose metal or wrought iron. Also, you can switch from standard garage doors to sliding, carriage-style, and carved ones for an instant transformative effect that produces minimal to no sound when opened or closed.

9. Add Decking, Pergola, & Gazebo

Add Decking, Pergola, & GazeboOne of the luxury home exterior design ideas is the addition of wooden structures. Pergolas and gazebos can timelessly uplift aesthetics, value, and style. The gazebo and pergola serve as the most valuable extensions outdoors which are excellent for creating additional seating for various activities. Also, you can utilize this space for various recreational activities like BBQs, hosting dinners, parties, and get-togethers with your family and loved ones. Featuring roofing, pillars, and seating accommodations, it is undoubtedly the most serviceable addition.

10. Focus On Eco-friendly Additions

Focus On Eco-friendly AdditionsIncorporating eco-friendly items helps you achieve the most pleasant, health-friendly, presentable, and sustainable decors. These accessories involve playing structures, wooden recliners, swings, daybeds near pools, and chaise loungers. For an eye-catchy decor theme, you can invest in window treatments made from natural fabrications. A simple to decorative addition to your outdoor surroundings makes a major impact and contributes to practicality and value improvement.

It’s A Wrap!

Transforming your home exterior can help you achieve new heights and improve the space’s value. As the outdoors dictate the major part of your residence, it must be matched with the existing architecture and perfectly accommodate the space. To modernize your home as per the emerging trends, we’ve abundant creative, functional, and decorative ideas.

With the addition of outside structures, fencing, decking, windows, doors, and eco-friendly accessories, you can greatly impact the overall outdoor design. Also, driveways, landscaping, shutters, accent sections, color trim, cement siding, and paint coats would be helpful to elevate your space. Not to mention, integrating smart technology will be valuable for functionality, value, and home improvement.

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