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Fixitcarpentry, the best Dubai Furniture store, offers you custom-designed sofas for the perfect decor theme. We design luxury sofas for homes and offices so you can get multiple benefits from them.

Our sofas are designed using ergonomic means for your maximum comfort. And, you can get these high-end sofas at affordable rates from us.

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Our Product 

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Get To Know Our Designing Process For Custom Made Sofas

We serve you with high-quality sofa manufacturing and our furniture will add to your building’s value. You can add every feature and styling to your custom sofa and enjoy maximum comfort. Here’s how we design the finest sofas and couches for you:

Consultations: Get in touch with our professional sofa designers and discuss all your needs and choices.
Bespoke Designing: Our experts will design the perfect sofa piece in your desired material, color, and shape.
Design Approval: We will send the design to you for final approval and any needed changes.
Manufacturing: We will start designing and upholstering your bespoke sofa and it will be ready soon.
Delivery & Assembling: You can get affordable furniture delivery, installation, and assembling services from us

Custom Sofa
Finest Custom Sofa Design
Perfect Sofa Design

The Customization Options We Provide For Bespoke Sofas

Our tailored couches will be the best furnishing for your residential and commercial areas. These sofas are durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, ergonomic, and highly comfortable. You can have them designed according to every kind of interior theme. Have a look at the personalizations we provide:

Size Ranges: We provide every sofa size from single-person couches to three-seaters.
Style Choices: You can get both modern and traditional sofas from us per your design statements.
Upholstery Fabrics: We offer various fabrics like leather, velvet, etc, choose any of them.
Color & Pattern: You can have your sofa in any color, pattern, or print upholstery & hardware.

Residential Sofa And Couch Ranges

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Residential Sofa And Couch Ranges

Commercial Exclusive Settees

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Commercial Exclusive Settees

What Makes Custom Sofas The Best Furniture Piece?

There are endless benefits to getting bespoke sofas from us. Here are a few of them:

Perfect Area Fit: Our customized sofas will be ideal for every area.
Unique Designs: These sofas have the most unique styles, colors, & shapes.
Excellent Quality: The build quality of our high-end sofas is the finest of all.
Best Investment: These sofas are highly durable, hard-wearing, & value-for-money.
Affordable Pricing: All sofa prices are affordable at our Dubai furniture store.

Modern Custom Sofa Dubai
Premium Quality Custom Sofa UAE

Latest Sofa Styles In Dubai

Outstanding Custom Sofa Options We Offer

With us, you can get every style of sofa designed with perfection. From stylish single-seater options to spacious multi-seaters, our experts can craft any desired luxurious or minimal sofa for you. In addition, we also offer custom-designed sofas for commercial use, such as in offices and receptions.

Here are some of our recent best creations which interior designers widely love:

Custom Made Corner Sofa

This one is an excellent choice to make the most out of room corners. You can get it in different sizes, depending on your needs.

Corner Sofa

Custom-Made Sectional Sofa

This unique sectional offers comfortable seating for a maximum number of people. It will help create unique decors for gatherings without sacrificing space or comfort.

Leather Customized Sofa

This luxurious sofa can be made with both real or faux leather. We offer a wide range of bold/neutral color, texture, and finish options.

Leather Customized Sofa

Custom Chesterfield Sofa

This classy piece is perfect for personal use and can also be added to offices. You can have it designed with velvet, silk, or leather.

Explore Our Range Of Custom Sofa Styles

We provide bespoke sofas for every area and decor and you can get your desired couches personalized in many ways from us.

How Do We Ensure Successful Sofa Customization Project?

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Get Price Estimate

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Design Selection

delivery and arrangnement

Delivery & Arrangement

Why Choose Us?

Fixit Carpentry is one of the finest Dubai furniture shops that offer sofa and couch customization. Our Custom Sofas are the ideal furnishing that will provide you with a lot of comfort and other benefits.

Unique And Trendsetting Designs & Styles

High-quality Upholstery & Covering Fabrics

Excellent Options For Commercial Decors

Affordable & Cost-effective Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom made sofas are the best investment for a number of reasons. They are more durable, attractive, comfortable, low-maintenance, resilient, flexible and space-efficient than ready-made sofas. Plus, they can be placed in every kind of decor theme.

The entire expenses of customized sofa manufacturing depend on the size, framing and upholstering materials, and the styling you choose. You can get complete and free price quotations from our experts for your bespoke sofa.

The making of a personalized sofa can take between some weeks to a month, depending on the size. If you request detailed designs or unique shapes, then the project is likely to be prolonged. Our professionals guide you about the lead time before the project.

We provide a range of fabrics for custom sofa upholstery which include real and faux Leather, Velvet, Cotton, Linen, Damask, Chenille, Brocade, Corduroy, Polyester, Silk, Vinyl, Olefin and many other options.

Yes, you can get budget-friendly sofa delivery, styling and installation services from us for every bespoke sofa. Our professionals offer flawless and long-lasting assembling of all kinds of sofas and couches.

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